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What You Need For an End of Summer BBQ

As summer draws to an end, people start returning from their holidays, kids are almost back in school, and normal life is almost ready to resume again. However, the weather is still warm, the nights are still holding out and no-one is actually looking forward to the end of summer. It’s the perfect time to throw a summer BBQ. We’ve put together a simple list of BBQ tips and tricks for you to get everyone together for one last summer shindig before the halloween decorations creep out.

Plan Your Food

Know who’s coming and plan accordingly. If you have lots of people with families and young kids coming, you’ll need to be mindful to include some kid friendly choices. Whereas, if it’s a group of young adults, you may choose to prioritise stocking up the wine cupboard. It might also be worth asking your guests if any of them are veggie or vegan, as traditionally BBQ’s are very meat intensive and you may need to provide some options for your non meat eating guests.

It is also worth doing some research to find out what’s in season to really make the most of what summer has to offer. Stock up on some tomatoes or watermelons and make a delicious side salad before they lose their best flavour.

Consider the Temperature

Even though the weather is warm during the day, if you’re hosting a dinner BBQ, it is worth considering what will happen if the temperature dips in the evening. You can ask guests to make sure they bring cardigans or jumpers they can put on as it cools, or find some blankets you can keep to the side and provide to any chilly guests as and when needed.

The temperature also has a big impact on your food. If you plan on serving desserts that are at risk of melting, it might be worth keeping them in-side or refrigerated until they’re needed. Likewise, if it’s much cooler than anticipated, your cooked food won’t stay warm for as long so having quick service or somewhere to keep food warm whilst other bits are cooking is worth considering.

Prep Your Food In Advance

Almost anything you will be serving can be prepped to some degree in advance. This will save you time on the day and allow you to spend more time with guests and less time in the kitchen. Salads can all be chopped and tossed in advance, avoid adding sauce in advance as this might cause it to go soggy. If you have meat that can be marinated, it’s worth doing this at least a day in advance to get the most flavour infused into it. If you have frozen desserts like cheesecake, these will need to be taken out of the freezer and given enough time to defrost.

Arrange Some Summer Games

Depending on your hosting location, you may be able to arrange some games for your guests to play. If you have the space, this could be anything from Twister to a simple space for kicking a ball about. If you don’t have the space, a pack of cards can go a long way in providing entertainment.

Depending on the age of your guests, you could also provide colouring in options for younger guests whilst older guests might enjoy drinking games. Having thought of activities in advance, allows you to ensure your meal flows smoothly and you’re not stuck trying to come up with something on the day.

Pack Away As You Go

Our last top tip is to tidy up and pack away as you go. If it’s the last BBQ of summer, chances are you won’t be using your BBQ again for some time. The same goes for any decorations, pack them away into their storage boxes whilst you clean will save you redoing the same job in a few days.

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