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The Ultimate Drinks Cabinet

Having a well-stocked drinks cabinet is never as important as it is over the festive period. Especially if you’re hosting, ensuring you have a good variety of drinks means you can cater to your guests wishes and have the ingredients for almost any drink that is requested of you.

We’ve compiled a list of what should ideally be in your drinks cabinet so you are ready to entertain at a moment’s notice.


Spirits are the foundation to nearly every alcoholic beverage, so stocking up on a variety is essential. When selecting spirits it is wise to opt for distilled spirits as these deteriorate more slowly after opening than undistilled and generally will last for around 2 years after opening.


Gin is an essential ingredient for a martini. It has also grown in popularity over recent years and can be paired with a mixer such as tonic. Gin is vodka that has aromatic or botanicals added during the distilling process.


Vodka is used in a wide range of drinks as it is odourless and flavourless. It is the primary ingredient in drinks such as cosmopolitans or a screwdriver.


Whiskey comes in a huge variety of styles so it can be hard to choose the best one for your cabinet, so it is usually best to go with personal taste and choose one you enjoy. Although a Bourbon whisky is great for versatility and its robust flavour that is enjoyed by many on the rocks or chilled.


Rum is the backdrop of mojitos, daiquiris and punches. Having more than one style of rum such as a light, dark or spiced rum means you’ll have a collection able to make almost any rum based cocktail.


You can’t make a margarita without tequila so it’s worth adding it to your cabinet. Some guests might even like it straight with a side of lemon and salt.

Don’t forget the mixers


Vermouth is a must have for classic cocktails like martinis and negronis. However, once opened they lose their aromatics quite quickly and might last only 3 months, so unless you’re having a party you might want to opt for a smaller bottle.


Lasting for around 6 months once opened, amaretto is a bittersweet almond liqueur popular in drinks like an amaretto sour.

Orange Liqueur

Cointreau, Triple Sec, Curacao and Grand Marnier are all orange liqueurs that pair perfectly with cocktails like margaritas. Unlike Vermouth and Amaretto, most orange liqueurs will keep for a few years after opening so you can safely opt for larger bottles.

Tonic Water

A must have in your cabinet, tonic water will last a long time before it is opened so it is safe to have a stock to pull out when needed. Tonic water is a great non-alcoholic mixer that can be paired with most drinks, the most famous of which would be a gin and tonic.


Having a mix of sodas such as coca-cola, ginger beer, ginger-ale etc. ensures you not only have a variety of mixers for interesting drinks, you are also stocked up on options for non-alcoholic drinks.

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