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We're foodies & we love it. This is a place to celebrate all things food related.

One of the most frequent questions we get is about the name, easyKiosk; it was back in 1995 that Stelios arranged for the Alpha In-flight team to sell snacks & drinks, using the brand easyKiosk.

The interesting thing is that until this time, snacks & drinks weren't sold on a plane. You had your free airline meal but the team had to literally pioneer a new way to do it.
As you can see from the original poster above, easyKiosk was born of humble beginnings.

Today, we have evolved into an online space for industry news & articles relating to food & drink. The hospitality industry is just huge and keeps the economy going. As well as this, it is responsible for tens of thousands of jobs.

Read the articles, learn about the latest industry trends from digitisation to automation. Many of the innovations we see today were the stuff of science fiction in years gone by.

Today, cruise ships (Royal Caribbean) have robot bartenders. This is something that was unimaginable just a few decades ago but now? They are here and they perform incredibly well. Take a look & judge for yourself.
The hospitality industry has been through the most challenging time in recent history with the pandemic. Sadly, many restaurants, pubs, hotels, café's, Bars or cruises have been either cancelled or shut down completely.

Once great companies have been bought to their knees due to the devastating impact of the pandemic.
The hospitality industry has seen it's fair share of challenges before and has experienced trading dips in the past (911 being a big & notable example when flights were cancelled and hotels, along with cruise ships were empty).

However, the industry is resilient and we are finally emerging into a vaccine dominated, post-pandemic space. This doesn't mean there won't be other pandemics but for now, businesses are dusting themselves off, restructuring their debts and starting to trade again.

Wedding venues are taking bookings, the mutli-billion dollar Asian wedding scene is bouncing back and travel operators are seeing their much-missed customers returning for more sun, sea & sand.

The food industry is central to all of this as food is the bedrock of the hospitality industry. Cruise numbers are going up, restaurants are slowly getting back to pre-pandemic numbers and the mighty workforce is once again, hard at work pleasing their millions of diners all over the country.

An article in the New York Times back in April 21, over a year ago.
Bars are busy providing tired & weary workers with their much needed escape and the entertainment sector is open for business again (theatres, musicians, performers, actors, cinemas, etc).

Contactless technology & payment gateways are a big winner as numbers steadily increase.  Delivery services such as Deliveroo& Uber eats are also among the winners, soon to be joined by our very own easyFood which is slowly picking up steam.

Hello Fresh

There has been a rise in companies like Hello Fresh where you can, simply through an app, arrange to have meals delivered directly to your door. They have a fantastic set up and promise “from the box to the plate in 30 minutes”, which for the busy-body, is perfect!  Click the link and check them out. You’ll love the concept, the simplicity and the meals are delicious! Go ahead & click the link now & take a trial. You’ll be glad you did.

The hospitality industry is resilient and able to learn new ways of doing things. We welcome you to read our articles, immerse yourself and for those interested in all things food, welcome to easyKiosk.

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